Journey to Paradise on Earth

Allow me to share with you my wonderful experiences in the midst of the grand beauty of the islands of Hawaii.



Traveling is certainly not for sissies!  It takes ten hours to fly direct from Newark International, New Jersey, to Honolulu International.  Now, let us think about this for a moment.  Just imagine yourself traveling on cattle class, I mean, coach, wedged in one of those little seats with a deeply concave back, so you look (and probably feel) just like the hunchback of Notre Dame.  (Did I mention that I am a small woman?)  What did President Obama say about torture?  Anyway, all I want to say here is that you better be prepared for this arduous flight by dressing and packing to please and satisfy Homeland Security, and by taking plenty of food and drink if you do not want to starve in the skies.  Of course, the priviledged ones out there who can afford business or first class do not have to worry about most of these things most of us mortals do (more on this later).  Still, torturous as the flight is, is it ever worth it!  Stay tuned, so that you may read all about it and enjoy.

Good night.

Blessings from the Most High,

Rosa Del Fuego


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