Like Katrina and the Waves

Have you ever walked in the sun?  Contrary to what many people might think, it is very possible to do, and what a glorious experience it is!  Goddess Pele, in her great generosity towards me, gave me this priviledge one early afternoon as David and I went out for a stroll in her big island. 


When I walk in the sun, my mundane, run of the mill human nature is left far behind.  I step inside the sun, and as I walk, I become one with the sun, I become the sun.  The concrete sidewalks, the light posts, the garbage cans, the cars, the noise, the smoke and dirt, all vanish and I become a universe where there is nothing except the purest, softest yet brightest light.  There is nothing but a perfect state of peace, calm and the certainty that no power in any universe can take this away from me.  I can fly to a place and see a kind of beauty that can never be described in any human language.  So this is where I was that early afternoon in Hawaii. 


David and I were staying in Hilo, at that hotel that simply sat at the top of one of the cliffs of the volcanic island, and for a while we hugged the narrow sidewalk edged by a volcanic rock wall that served as the barrier between the man-made city and the majestic ocean.  Of course, a puny little wall was not going to stop the mighty ocean from spraying the sidewalk as it slammed on the rocks nearby.  I felt a childlike joy every time I heard the ocean approach, pound the rocks, jump up high as it did so, and splash me with its cool, divine water.  What fun! 


There was a group in the 80’s called Katrina and the Waves, and they had a hit called, “Walking on Sunshine.”  The song is about the girl who is crazy about her guy, but I really love it because its beat is really fast and the song explodes with energy.  And remember Cindy Lauper and her hit, “Girls just wanna have fun?”  In one of the lines, she says:

“I wanna be the lucky one to walk in the sun…”

Well, I do not know about Cindy, but I can tell you all that I am the lucky one who walks in the sun. 

Rosa Del Fuego


Table for One

Hawaii, the Big Island, the largest island, the youngest island, still in the process of creation. It is so awesome to think that humans have dared to build their homes and cities so close to Kiliawa, home of the fire godess Pele, a volcano still alive, slowly spilling its lava down its sides, lava that slides down and disappears into the ocean.  The most spectacular views of the big island can be seen only by helicopter, and David had the opportunity to do this.  We decided that he would go in this helicopter ride by himself, since we had already scheduled another helicopter ride in Kawaii.  So I had the opportunity to enjoy our nice hotel room and its balcony, having it all to myself for an afternoon.


There is nothing like listening to the ocean. No two waves sound the same.  I had a great afternoon sitting on the balcony having lunch and then slowly enjoying a bar of Lindt dark chocolate as I sat and listened to the ocean right beneath me.  And the birds, the ever present birds!  So many of them, so many lovely songs, they provided the perfect accompaniment to the crashing of the waves on the lava rocks.

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