Kawaii: Eden of the Pacific

There is no way to experience the awesome beauty of Kawaii except by air.  When David made reservations for our helicopter ride of the island, we had no idea of the wonderful time we were going to have. 


This was the first time in my life that I flew via helicopter, and I loved it.  The chopper was pretty modern, the seats were quite cushy and comfortable, and the flight itself was nice and smooth, though not as smooth as a flight on an airplane.  Flying has its different characteristics, depending on what you are flying in.  I will say here that, so far, I have had the priviledge to fly on airplanes, a hot air baloon in the skies of Colorado, and a six seater plane over the Alaskan glaciers, on which we landed. 


During our helicopter ride in Kawaii, everyone aboard was wearing Bose headphones, and this made the flight less noisy.  David was able to compare this helicopter ride with the one he enjoyed in the big island, and he told me that the helicopter there was not as modern or comfortable, and that the ride was not as smooth. 


Besides keeping out the noise, the headphones were elso the way for us passengers to listen to our pilot’s descriptions of the landscape as we flew.  There were also a couple of microphones that we shared so that we could communicate with the pilot and each other.  This gave us the opportunity to ask questions as we flew. 

Our pilot was a special man.  He had been in the Armed Forces and, at some point during the flight, I asked him about it.  In his answer, he stated that he was no longer serving.  I can not quote his exact words to me, but what he said and how he said it told me a lot about him.  I could tell that he was a special soul, the kind of exceptional, sensitive and loving human being you do not find too often.  Throughout the flight, he remained very aware of my blindness so that he could do an even better job as a describer, and was interested in the way I perceived the whole experience. 


I could not help but to feel very humble as we flew over such awesome majesty of nature.  We flew over natural tree formations that made caves, canopies so dense that they made bridgesthat could easily support a good number of people walking over them.  All plants had huge leaves.  You could not see any way through this lushness, because there was no way.  And there were, of course, the volcanoes, the dormant ones that had all kinds of green things growing in areas outside and inside.  It was fabulous for me to fly inside one of these volcanoes, all the way accross it, and feel its walls through the protection of the helicopter, the same way I felt the sides of glaciers in Alaska as we flew.  While we were inside the volcano, the pilot told us that during those times when it rains and rains non stop, the inside walls of the volcano are covered with the thick white foam produced by the incredible amount of water that cascades down with a thundering roar.  I can assure you, all that you and I can do is to imagine this one, because only the most intrepid and valiant may dare approach this part of Nature to witness this most grand event as it is happening. 


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