The Heart Speaks

Hello everyone,

First, I want to apologize to all of you for the way in which I have neglected this blog.  David and I went on vacation to Hawaii back in April, and I still have not finished sharing here with you all the wonderful experiences I had.  Going to Hawaii was for me like going to a different world, a universe not unlike the one that I still nurture in my own mind.  My idea of doing this blog was for me to invite you into my soul, so you would witness the side of me that is the most radiant, colorful and emotionally intense.  From time to time I send you an E-mail note reminding you to come back here, so you may continue to read about my experiences with the beautiful area of Earth called Hawaii.  But how can I send you any reminders if I do not continue to write?  I know that a couple of you out there are disappointed with this because you want to read more. 


One reason why I have been so neglectful to you and to this blog is because I go through great mental contortions, racking my brains trying to find the wordiest, most poetic way to express myself, only to find myself banging my head against the wall (not literally, of course), and ending up not writing anything.  I know what I want to write about, I just find myself not knowing how.  I guess for me this is particularly difficult because English is not even my first language.  I want the language in this blog to be as sunny and beautiful as the experiences it conveys, it just will not come out most of the time, so I write nothing. 


Anyone who thinks that the Muses are mythical creatures is a fool.  You know, when I was a child and a teenager, the Muse of Letters lived with me.  I wrote lots and lots of letters, stories and diaries.  The writing came to me so easily, all I needed to do was to sit before the notebook and pick up the pen.  It seemed to me as if my hand was moving by itself, so quickly and fluidly, flowing as freely as a river.  And today I suffer from writing atrophy; even if I want to write, it does not come out.  Forgive me for writing this, but I simply can not resist: 

Me thinks I suffer from writing constipation! 


So now I ask for your patience and forgiveness, as I slowly put my feelings and experiences out here in cyberspace for you to read and hopefully enjoy.  Blessings to you all, until next time.


With love,

Rosa Del Fuego


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